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The Cura Project Institute is a cutting-edge, non-profit institution, created in 2016, dedicated to making society aware of the benefits of clinical research and addressing its importance for advances in cancer treatment, a topic of extreme relevance to public health and quality of life of the population of Brazil and other Latin American countries.


Expand awareness and research for the fight against cancer, encouraging the raising of funds for investment in academic studies.


To be a reference in Latin America for mobilizing for the dissemination of knowledge and the funding of oncological research, collaborating in the fight against cancer.


Knowledge Management; Awareness; Mobilization; Social Responsibility and Transparency.

The Cura Project Institute is a cutting-edge institution in Latin America, based in São Paulo - Brazil, that combines science and creativity in the fight against cancer.

We aim to make society aware of the benefits of research to combat cancer in Brazil and other Latin American countries, encouraging health professionals to become researchers and raising funds to finance independent or academic scientific research, through the promotion of scientific, sporting or social events involving music, art, design, literature, fashion, etc. We receive donations from individuals or legal entities — directly or indirectly — through the donation or tax deduction of income, for example.

Mulher fazendo uma apresentação em uma conferência.
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We realized that it is necessary to connect the entire society by raising awareness about the emergency of joining efforts to make Brazil move forward in this scenario.

For this we need a lot of awareness, education and investments. The main challenge of the Cura Project Institute is to sensitize society to the fact that cancer is currently our greatest enemy at the global level. A series of initiatives are being implemented to place Latin America on the world map of cancer research: the Cura Project Institute is one of them.

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What does the Cura Project Institute do

Actions with patients

Patient awareness campaigns about research and events aimed at patients, support networks and NGOs, which involve health professionals to present topics related to research.

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Actions with researchers

Promotion of the development of new research, assistance in the submission of studies via public notice and the Renata Thormann Procianoy Prize, which is an award for the best study on the subject of Cancer, submitted at the largest oncology conference in the world (ASCO)

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Actions with society and government

Meetings, political participation, engagement in bills, and meetings aimed at opening discussions with representatives from different health sectors, commenting on research challenges and opportunities.

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Registration of new research in government notices for tax incentive resources (PRONON), fundraising campaigns for research, sponsorship prospecting, and donations from private companies.

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Our team

Meet the dedicated team behind our mission.

CURA Project

Fernanda Schwyter
Founder and President
Alcina Mara
Vice President
Alberto Vaz
Marie Caponero
Paulo Moura
Luciana Pereira
Project Coordination

Scientific Committee

Dr. Heloisa Resende
Dr. Max Mano
Dr. William William
Dr. Lilian Arruda
Dr. José Figueiredo
Dr. Abna Vieira

Communication and Marketing

Gilson Pessoa
Marketing and Communications
Camila Francescato
Operational Coordination
Paula Dultra
Social Network
Renata Salvador
Social Network
Institutional Support
Research Supporters

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