Actions with Society and Government

Learn about the actions and events that the Cura Project Institute carries out together with public policies in favor of clinical research

Collaborations with Government Institutions for the advancement of clinical research

Collaborations with government institutions represent a fundamental part in the advancement of clinical research and in the development of solutions for public health challenges. The Cura Project Institute has been committed to establishing strategic partnerships with government agencies responsible for formulating health policies. One of the main objectives of these initiatives is to promote greater integration between the various actors involved in the clinical research ecosystem, including researchers, health professionals, regulators, and the community itself.

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The Cura Project Institute acts as an active advocate through collaborative advocacy, seeking to sensitize government authorities about the importance of supporting clinical research and creating a favorable regulatory environment.

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Legislation and regulations on the agenda at the Cura Project Institute

Highlight is the advocacy activities of the Cura Project Institute in support of the creation of public policies that promote an environment conducive to clinical research, including lobbying for legislation that facilitates the approval and regulation of clinical trials.

Education and awareness

The Cura Project Institute engages in advocacy and education for the public, legislators, and health professionals, promoting actions and events about the importance of clinical research and how public policies can be adapted to promote significant advances in this area.


The Cura Project Institute fights to ensure that public policies surrounding clinical research promote equitable access to clinical trials, especially for historically underrepresented populations.

Policy Monitoring and Evaluation

The Cura Project Institute engages in advocacy to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of public policies related to clinical research, highlighting the importance of feedback to continuously improve existing policies.

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Find answers to questions about the impact of advocacy on society

What are the main advocacy actions of the Cura Project Institute?

The Cura Project Institute carries out a series of actions, including awareness campaigns, public events, and collaborations with government authorities to promote public policies that encourage clinical research.

What are the main challenges faced by the Cura Project Institute in the area of advocacy?

Some of the key challenges include government bureaucracy, the need for ongoing funding for our initiatives, and the mobilization of sufficient numbers of supporters to effect significant change.

How do the advocacy actions of the Cura Project Institute benefit society?

Our advocacy actions seek to create a more favorable environment for clinical research, which can lead to new treatments and cures for various diseases, benefiting the health and well-being of the general population.

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