Health professionals and the awareness of the importance of clinical research

Clinical research saves lives!
But do you know how to support the Cura Project Institute, which works to raise awareness and also to enable more clinical research for cancer in Brazil and Latin American countries?

Awareness is a powerful tool in the fight against cancer.

With the support of health professionals, we were able to broaden the population's understanding of the importance of research and the challenges faced by those living with cancer. The dissemination of relevant information has been possible thanks to continuous collaboration with organizations committed to the cause.

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Engaging Health Professionals in Struggle, Philanthropy, and Clinical Research

Your support is essential so that we can develop projects that aim to inform society about the benefits of research to combat cancer, promote philanthropy and raise funds so that more clinical research for cancer can be developed, and, as a result, more treatments and medications can be created.

Join us and publicize the importance of Clinical Research

There are several studies carried out in Brazil and Latin America and your support will bring us closer to our goal: the cure of cancer!

Stay up to date with our actions and events in favor of Clinical Research

We will continue to fight, encourage research, and inspire hope until a cure is a reality for all. Let's continue together, researching a cure for cancer!

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CARE Talks Breast

Cura Talks is focused on current and relevant topics, always seeking to achieve improvements in the outcomes and quality of life of cancer patients in Brazil, and aims to inform, educate and raise awareness of health professionals, patient association leaders - NGOs, patients, family members and those interested in the topic, mainly related to clinical research in oncology.

SEP 2024


Healing Panel - 11th All Together Against Cancer Congress

The All Together Against Cancer Congress is one of the largest events on Oncology and Health in all of Brazil, bringing together the main leaders of the segment. The Cura Project Institute participates in the conference presenting a panel with an important topic in current clinical research.

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Find answers to frequently asked questions about clinical trials, eligibility, and patient support.

How do clinical trials contribute to the advancement of medicine?

Clinical trials are an essential pillar for innovation and progress in the health area, ensuring that scientific advances translate into concrete improvements in patient care.

How can healthcare professionals get involved in clinical trials?

Health professionals can engage in clinical trials in a variety of ways, contributing to research and the development of new therapies and treatments. Engaging in clinical trials allows health professionals to contribute directly to the advancement of medicine, expand their knowledge, and improve the care provided to patients.

What are the criteria for selecting patients for a clinical trial?

The selection of patients for a clinical trial is based on strict criteria to ensure the safety of the participants and the scientific validity of the study. These criteria are defined in the study protocol and are carefully evaluated by the researchers before the inclusion of patients in the clinical trial. The strict application of these criteria ensures that the results of the study are reliable and that the safety of the participants is a priority.

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