At the Cura Project Institute, we believe that research saves lives. Each scientific breakthrough, each successful clinical trial represents a new opportunity for hope for patients, a chance to improve outcomes and quality of life.

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Our fundamental purpose is to positively impact patients' lives, offering them hope, support, and access to the latest scientific discoveries in the fight against this devastating disease. One of the main objectives of the Cura Project Institute is to make society aware of the benefits of research in confronting cancer. Awareness is the first step towards information, and that is why we commit to holding events, actions, and campaigns to educate the public about the fundamental role of clinical research in the search for lasting solutions to cancer.

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Attend our events, follow our Social Networks and stay informed. We are committed to our mission to support and promote clinical cancer research, as we believe that it is through it that we can truly make a difference and save lives.

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Inspire others in the fight against cancer. Share your story of overcoming with us! If you've ever overcome cancer or followed someone who went through this journey closely, we want to hear from you and tell your story!

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We realized that it is necessary to connect the entire society by raising awareness about the emergency of joining efforts to make Brazil move forward in this scenario.

For this we need a lot of awareness, education and investments. The main challenge of the Cura Project Institute is to sensitize society to the fact that cancer is currently our greatest enemy at the global level. A series of initiatives are being implemented to place Latin America on the world map of cancer research: the Cura Project Institute is one of them.

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Recruitment research

Evaluation of anthracycline and taxane sequencing for locally advanced HER2-negative breast cancer

Primary objectives: To evaluate in a phase III randomized clinical trial the comparison between an anthracycline-initiated neoadjuvant chemotherapy (AC-T) versus a taxane-initiated (T-AC) regimen in patients with locally advanced HER2 breast cancer

LACOG 0821 – AMIGO-1
A single-arm phase 2 study of amivantamab, lazertinib, and pemetrexed for first-line treatment of recurrent/metastatic non-small cell lung cancers (NSCLCs) with EGFR mutations

Primary objectives: To evaluate in a phase III randomized clinical trial the comparison between an anthracycline-initiated neoadjuvant chemotherapy (AC-T) versus a taxane-initiated (T-AC) regimen in patients with locally advanced HER2 breast cancer

DORA Trial: Phase III Trial of Docetaxel vs. Docetaxel and Radio-223 for Castration-Resistant Metastatic Prostate Cancer (mCRPC)

Primary objectives: To compare overall survival for individuals treated with docetaxel versus individuals treated with docetaxel plus Radio-223.

A real-world assessment of the demographic, clinical characteristics, and outcomes of a Brazilian cohort of previously untreated extended-stage small cell lung cancer receiving Durvalumab combined with platinum etoposide (ES-SCLC) in Brazil.

Primary objectives: To describe the demographic and clinical characteristics of a real-world cohort of Brazilian patients diagnosed with ES-SCLC treated with durvalumab-based regimens.

Epidemiological characteristics of gastric and pancreatic cancers in Latin America

Primary objectives: To describe the clinical characteristics, treatment patterns, and outcomes of patients with pancreatic, gastric, and gastroesophageal junction cancer in Latin America

ACTION HIV (iniciativa Anal Cancer TherapIes and Outcomes para pacientes que vivem com e sem HIV): Um registro global de pacientes com carcinoma espinocelular anal com e sem infecção por HIV.

Describe the epidemiological characteristics and prognostic factors for disease-free survival of patients with CC with and without HIV infection.

Molecular and epidemiological characteristics of endometrial cancer in Brazil

Primary objectives: To describe epidemiological characteristics, molecular profile, treatment patterns, and outcomes of endometrial cancer in a Brazilian population

Radiotherapy with extreme hypofractionation in patients with breast cancer in Brazil: a retrospective cohort study

Primary objectives: To evaluate the efficacy of the extreme hypofractionation scheme, in 5 fractions of 5.2 Gy, in women with breast cancer.

HER2 dependence classification to decrease neoadjuvant chemotherapy in patients with early HER2+ breast cancer undergoing double HER2 blockade

Primary objectives: To evaluate the pCR rate in participants with HER2-positive early breast cancer selected for high dependence on the HER2 pathway and treated with neoadjuvant PHESGO without chemotherapy; who demonstrate a favorable PET-CT response after the third cycle of therapy.

CONOR: A collaborative trial of Nirparib to evaluate patients with ovarian cancer in the expanded access program in Latin America

Primary objectives: To evaluate the safety profile, including dose modifications, of nirparib in patients with advanced ovarian cancer in response after platinum-based first-line chemotherapy treated in a real-world environment within the EAP.


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Find answers to frequently asked questions about clinical trials, eligibility, and patient support.

What is Clinical Research?

It is through clinical research that medicine evolves. Research is essential so that we can learn more about diseases, develop new drugs, vaccines, and tests.

How to participate in clinical research?

Find out if there are any open clinical studies that consider the characteristics of your disease. Talk to your doctor to find out if treatment is available through a clinical trial.

Where can I consult the clinical research in recruitment?

There are some platforms, sites, and research dissemination profiles. O @projetocura @lacogcancerresearch And the @pesquisaclinicacancer they always publish open studies.

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